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Killer Instinct Pre Workout Pre-Order

Killer Instinct Pre Workout Pre-Order

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Have you noticed that your pre-workout doesn't make you excited anymore? Have you noticed a lack of a pump during even your toughest workouts? Killer Instinct can change that. Killer instinct in formulated to give you the best pump of your life. With 10g of pure l-Citrulline, 10g of 95% glycerol, 1000mg of agmatine sulfate, and 150mg of sodium chloride, you will never feel more satisfied taking off your pump cover than you will with Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct is meant for the days when you feel a lack of motivation. Your program says you have to go to failure on barbell squats, but you feel like taking a deload. One serving of Killer Instinct and you will feel the excitement that you get on the first day of a new mesocycle. 300mg of caffeine paired with 100mg of theobromine, you'll have the energy to get through a Tom Platz leg day no problem. 1500mg of l-Tyrosine and 200mg of l-Theanine will give you the focus and tunnel vision to fight to true failure

Pre-order Killer Instinct today, to change your workouts forever.

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